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Hosting Clubs are as follows:-

Hosting Clubs are as follow for the 2019/20 season

3rd November - All stars & Lolly
1st December - AP Saints & Flames
8th December GH & Charville
26th January Starz & Academy
2nd February NETS & Cumberland
23rd February Lolly & All Stars (AM 10:00 to 12:15 / PM 12:15-2:30)
8th March Cumberland & ETNC (AM 10:00 to 12:15 / PM 1:00-3:15)
22nd March Charville & Starz
19th April - Blaze & Evolution

Clubs should contact each other and decide who will cover AM & PM - Please do this as soon as possible;

HOSTING Duties:-

Morning Hosting

Time each game & blow the horn when required during the game.

Start: 09:30 - collect table & chair from our container (on netball court). Ensure posts are in "lowered" position for H5 games. Put up court signs

Reg folder, Horn & Stopwatch provided - located in our locked container.

Record match scores on grid provided in registration folder

1st Game: 10:00am

2nd Game: 10:45am

3rd Game: 11:30am

4th Game: 12:15am

End: 12:55 - Changeover

Afternoon Hosting

Time each game & blow the horn when required during the game.

Start: 12:55 - be ready for game 5

Game 5: 13:00pm

Game 6: 13:45pm

Game 7: 14:30pm

Game 8: 15:15pm

End: 16:00 – Litter pick, tie up black bag leave by bin's,

Remove court signs, clear table, Registration folder, horn and stopwatch - put all back in our WLJNL container courtside. Ensure it is locked before leaving.

Where next?

Change of Date 13th October 2019 moved to 19th April 2020
Results 1819 Well done to all clubs/Teams that took part this season.

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